Content Management

Easy to use administration interface for uploading content
Supports multiple content types and metadata standards
  • Books and journals
  • Articles
  • Binary ancillary content
  • Video content
  • Audio content
  • Image content
  • Person / people
  • Organisation
  • Museum
  • Exhibition items
  • Museum object
  • Studio
  • Specialist content
  • Classification scheme / taxonomy XML
  • Formats we handle include: NLM, ONIX, METS, VRA, EAD, DOCBOOK, JATS AND BITS
  • PDF (automatic conversion to online reading without browser plugin)
Adaptable specification of specialist content
  • Image sets and attribution
  • Video time points and chapters
  • Audio
  • Timeline
  • Flashcards and flashcard decks
  • Quizzes
  • Downloadable file
  • Person
  • Organisation
  • Event
  • Bookstore item
  • Exhibition team
Fully configurable data-driven classification scheme for categorising all content
  • Hierarchical taxonomy model
  • Faceted classification model (non-hierarchical)
  • Semantic linking
  • Items of content as classifications
  • Built-in link types or define your own
  • Classify core assets, digital ancillaries, general content pages
Blending different origins of business content on single page
  • Mix CMS-editable content with data-driven primary product content (e.g. XML-imported)
  • Use pre-built page templates or custom
Standard web pages and components
  • Help page
  • Lesson plan page
  • Error page
  • Cookies information page
  • Maintenance page
  • MARC records page
  • Carousel component
  • Styled headings
  • Rich text
  • Images
  • Links
  • FAQs component
  • HTML component
  • YouTube video component
Paywall management
  • Controlling content inside or outside the paywall
  • Time driven paid content inside or outside of the paywall
  • Define public-facing version by type or by field