Our unique content commercialisation platform software enables companies to organise, enhance, publish and sell diverse sets of content to different audiences providing engagement, education, information and in some cases entertainment.

If you have content to publish and audiences to engage, Propagator can help.

We leverage the power of our technology to:

Categorise content

Personalise content

Distribute content

Commercialise content

Solution for academic publishing

Propagator is continuing to evolve its cloud-based academic publishing platform. Our product offers state of the art functionality, currently used on a variety of distinct academic publishing products.  This platform can meet all of the requirements for the online publication and discovery of your content.

Designed to provide a better user experience by seamlessly integrating diverse content types (essays, articles, bibliographic data, dictionary terms, audio-visual, maps, graphs, archive material and statistics).

Key features include

  • Automatically convert PDFs for free plug-in reading with text selection.
  • Organise chapters and books in search results.
  • Flexible access to free and paid material.
  • Integrate existing brands of literary sources into a single product experience.
  • Fully responsive modular solution.
Bloomsbury Collections

Solution for employee and consumer engagement

Content Propagator platform

The Content Propagator platform has been used in a number of different situations for employee and customer engagement.

Key features include

  • Content available for free, by registration and by subscription.
  • Very diverse range of content types can be uploaded, classified and displayed to end users.
  • Range of business models for monetisation.
  • Personalisation.
  • Range of interactive modules.

Solution for education

Propagator has developed a number of solutions for use in educational environments including the original product, which is now part of Harper Collins ( 

This provided a teacher and school subscription service – for live classroom teaching, customised lesson plans with audio/video and interactive exercises for use on interactive whiteboards.

The key features are

  • Data driven multi-media player supports range of audio/video exercises.
  • Interactive whiteboard activities.
  • Rights management reporting.
  • Fully integrates with national curriculum.
Music Express

Solution for archives

Propagator has considerable experience of implementing archiving solutions, including:

The Winston Churchill Archives for Churchill College Cambridge and Bloomsbury Publishing

The Fashion Photography Archive

And the Routledge performance archive

Key features include

  • Examine original documents in an image viewer or as film strips.
  • Integrate transcripts with original handwritten documents or multi-media.
  • Easily search and browse millions of documents in a scalable database.
  • XML-driven learning modules for further education with links to archival material.